Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Bit of Chill in the Air

I was standing outside to put my son on the bus when a gust of cool wind breezed by.
I actually caught a chill.
(Which is quite hard to do in Texas.)
Which got me very excited.
I quickly realized that today is September 1st.
(By the way, Happy Birthday Daddy...if you're reading.)
As soon as September rolls in, I get giddy.
You see, fall is my favorite time of year.
I love the cool crisp air and football games.
I love halloween and gathering fallen pecans in the backyard.
I also love to decorate my home for fall.
I'm all giddy thinking about how I will decorate my new home this year.
I'm holding myself back from running out to my storage shed and pulling out all of my fall decor.
(I have to work today.....blech.)
I thought I'd leave you with a little fall inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Country Living
Heather Bullard
This door decor is amazing!!!
Heather does amazing work and gives a tutorial for this beauty here.
You will not be disappointed by visiting her.
(Bring a napkin as there will be lots of drooling involved.)
I will have alot of my fall decorating done later this week.
Check back to see what changes are coming!!
P.S.  Don't forget about my giveaway!!!!!! It ends tomorrow. There's still time!


  1. glad someone else is in the halloween spirit! i would enter your giveaway, but i'm one of those unfortunate ones that doesn't have a hobby lobby near me. besides i wouldn't win anyway:)

  2. Hi Miss.......Fall is truly my favorite season as well!!!!!....and I can feel a smidge of chill in the air here as well...which gets me soooooo excited!!! I love anything "pumpkin" and bundling up in a nice cozy sweater...Thanks again for tagging me!! I HAVE to get that going......it's been a crazy, scary, heartbreaking week here in my neck of the woods. And what a fun give away you're hosting over here too!! I have heard sooo much about Hobby Lobby, but we don't have them here...boo hoo! I know I'd llllooove it! Have fun.

  3. I love fall and Halloween! do you think its too early to start decorating? Are there even pumpkins at the supermarket yet?....I guess i should check cuz if there are, I'm starting my decorating tomorrow :)


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